Spring Break Travel Destinations

Spring break is coming soon — do you know yet where you’ll be spending it?

If you’re a college student, you may be considering Florida. Warm beaches, a lot of pools and of course, endless parties. If you’re looking for a warm getaway, beaches anywhere may be appealing. And if you want excitement, amusement parks can’t be beat.

But what if you’re looking for something affordable, a place that doesn’t require a lot of planning? With a little creativity and flexibility, you can visit almost anywhere. Here are a few choices of places to put at the top of your consideration list. (And as soon as you decide, contact Fox to book your cheap rental car. Vehicles go quickly at this very busy time of year!)

Surprisingly enough, Las Vegas is one of the most popular destinations for Spring Break. Even though we typically think of Spring Break as a vacation for the younger crowd, Vegas still ranks high on the list of places to visit. With so many things to do there for young adults, you don’t need to be over 21 to enjoy sin city. (Just be responsible and don’t drink and drive!)

Go skiing! Southern California’s local mountains frequently still have enough snow to get in some good runs. If it’s not natural snow, the resorts typically are still pumping out artificially-created powder as the temps still drop low enough to maintain it. Take advantage of this end-of-season skiing and enjoy the views from the ski lifts even if you’re not a skier. Check for coupons online and bring your prices down even more. Fox Rent A Car has several SoCal locations so you can get to the mountains within an hour or two no matter which one you rent from. 

San Diego is on every top ten list for year-round travel, but don’t let that scare you away from visiting even during peak season. The climate in San Diego is so temperate, you’ll enjoy the cooler evenings that still yield water that’s warm enough for water activities. With so many boat tours, sites along the water, shopping, restaurant and nightlife options, you’ll find you have too many choices to make. Sea World, museums and sports centers — what will you do first?

So what happens if you really still want to do Florida but don’t want the crowds you may find in Miami or Orlando? (Disney World and those gorgeous beaches have mean pre-planning is necessary almost year-round.) Head inland! Our cheap rental car locations are scattered all around the state, so pick an airport and start exploring. Natural wildlife, tours of gorgeous waterways and a lot of zoos means you can style your vacation in any direction you choose. Beach houses off the beaten path may have amazingly low rates because people aren’t looking in those non-party areas, so you may score a deal that will have you relaxing on a beach, beverage and food to your side, watching the waves come in.

If the sound of a relaxing vacation is what you’re seeking, consider Northern California. Wineries, bay views, a few big bridges you may be familiar with and smaller airports, like San Jose, that will be less crowded give you a lot of reason to find a hotel off the main road and just get in the car to explore. Picnics among the tall trees, hikes by waterfalls and vineyards where you can play bocce ball while enjoying a treat…you’ll find it all in NorCal.

Whatever destination you choose, let us help you keep your costs down. Our daily Hot Deals offer you a good selection of rates, even without much advance notice. Our fleet options are large, promising you plenty of room for your entire party, all their luggage and even the souvenirs for those back home. We’d love to help you get away from it all this Spring Break!