Traveling for Dads and Grads

It’s that time of year again, the time when graduations are on the horizon. Celebrations abound and for many people, this means the need to travel to be with the special graduate on their big day. It’s also the same time of year that many people are planning trips to see family on Father’s Day. For some though, the travel itself is the celebration. Beach trips, extended road trips or international travel are exciting but it can also be expensive.

How do you save money on traveling for dads and grads while still having a good time? Here are some travel tips from Fox to help you choose a destination that won’t break your bank but will ensure a good time for everyone. We’ve also got a few tips to help save money on your rental car and make whatever travel you do go smoothly.

  • Pick somewhere off the beaten path. This not only helps you avoid crowds, but you may score discounts on places that need to pick up some business when they’re not busy. Now might just be the time to visit that obscure location in the middle of nowhere.
  • Planning ahead is always best, so you can guarantee a rental car reservation and hotel room, but if you didn’t, don’t let that stop you. Spontaneous travel can sometimes lead you to the best places! Ask a travel agent what’s on sale and see if you can swing it. They are aware of off the wall places that need the business and are selling rooms cheaper because they’re empty. Some hotels also sell rooms extremely cheap the day or week you’re looking because reservations fell through; while online sites are great to seek for low rates, calling the hotel or venue directly can still sometimes yield the best deals.
  • Flights can go up over major holiday periods, so a road trip really might be your best option. It’s great for family bonding and allows you to deviate from your scheduled trip when you see something you just have to pull over for. The world’s biggest ball of yarn may not sound like much but if you’re cruising through the midwest and need a pit stop, it may be just what you’re looking for. Rental car rates can fluctuate quickly but deals can always be found. Our deals page features Hot Deals, rates that are sometimes short-lived but can be as low as $5 a day.
  • Did you know you don’t need to be 25 to rent a car with Fox? It’s true! Read here for more information. (Minimum age is 19 unless you are active military; then 18 is the minimum age.) You don’t need to have your own car or a travel partner just to surprise your dad for Father’s Day! 
  • International travel is a frequent gift for college graduates. London is a popular destination, along with the Caribbean and Mexico. Fox has over 80 international locations designed to save you money all around the world. Costa Rica is an affordable destination year-round and has less of a flight time than many other countries. Canada has so many beautiful things to do and see, you can have the best of both worlds: outdoor activities and typical vacation tourist sites. 
  • The advantage of a road trip is you can buy a disposable, inexpensive cooler at almost any convenience store and load it up with food and beverages. Get a hotel room or beach house with a small kitchen and you’re already saving a lot of money. Then you can splurge on a night out or meal in a nice restaurant without worry.
  • Make copies of your travel documents. Carry, or store, them separately from the originals. In the event of theft or loss, you’re not stranded anywhere without the information you need to continue your trip safely.
  • Install a couple of travel apps on your phone. The latest and greatest will alert you to cool destinations, deals and options based on your travel preferences, in addition to price alerts. They can also help you choose excursions at our destination that you’d never have heard of otherwise.
  • Talk to the locals wherever you end up. They are your best source of information on things to do on the cheap. They may guide you to a hidden waterfall, a hole in the wall foodie gem or the best place to buy souvenirs on a budget.

Don’t let lack of time or money prohibit you from making it to a graduation celebration or Father’s Day family weekend. Travel is an education in itself and everyone needs to get away from work to make it all worthwhile. Let Fox help you and we’ll take away some of the stress!