Things to Do in Florida in the Winter

Florida beach

It’s the dead of winter and much of the United States is covered in snow or dealing with record low temperatures. Storms abound and the dreariness is wearing. What do you do? Sit by the fireplace and dream of distant warm destinations — so why not book that trip and make it happen?

If you’re wondering where is safe right now, consider southern or eastern Florida. No snow. Beaches for miles. Palm trees swaying in the breeze. With five locations scattered throughout the state, Fox Rent A Car is there to help you get your cheap car rental and be on the road in no time. 

But what to do once you get there, other than sitting on a beach with no snow in sight? Here are some great things to do in Florida in the winter that may make you forget there’s snow back home.

Wander the water’s edge and watch the wildlife. 

Shop to your heart’s content. With a huge selection of shopping locations, from inexpensive to brand name, you’ll be able to take care of your Spring shopping needs and still call it an affordable vacation!

Visit a theme park. There are so many to choose from, and not just Disney and its related entities like the Wild Kingdom and Epcot. There’s Busch Gardens in Tampa, Sea World in Orlando and don’t forget Legoland and Universal Studios, also in Orlando. Whatever age range is in your group, you’re bound to find at least one or two parks to spend a few days in.

While in Orlando, stop in at the Museum of Science and Industry or the Florida Aquarium. The Clearwater Marine Aquarium is another place to see wildlife up close. Florida is known for manatees, so if you don’t see the alongside the road or at random water locations, you’ll be sure to see them in the aquariums.

Get out and about in nature. Even if water sports isn’t your thing, Florida has so many options for outdoor activities, your only problem will be choosing which ones you’ll have time for. Moonlight kayak rides, zip lining, hiking, airboat tours…you name it, you can find it.

Head to a citrus grove and see where your orange juice comes first hand. Walk through acres of gardens full of plants indigenous to the Florida area, where the climate is something everyone needs to experience at least once.

Daytona! The race season doesn’t officially start until Spring, but the race track is still a sight to behold.

Florida really is a state so full of culture, activity, nature and nightlife, a vacation there is going to provide you with a lifetime of memories no matter how long your visit. We're there in Orlando, Miami, Tampa, Ford Lauderdale and Fort Myers, with year-round deals to make your trip even more affordable. Big vehicle or small, luxury or economy, book with Fox and we'll be sure you have the size of vehicle you need to get everyone around Florida comfortably and safely. And you'll still have room for souvenirs.