Planning Last-Minute Thanksgiving Travel

Getting on the road for Thanksgiving always sounds like a good idea, but what happens if you have to plan it last-minute? Don’t let it stress you out, you can still pull off a trip for the holidays with a minimal of time and effort.

If you’re unsure of your destination and just want to get away from it all, consider a place within just a couple hours of home. Most of us have many things we’ve always said “I need to go there someday.” Make today your “someday!” You don’t need to go far to leave the stress behind. A hotel with a spa, a heated pool or even just a fireplace, a feather bed and a good restaurant may be all you need!

Flying gets more expensive the closer you get to the holiday, but if you haven’t decided where you want to go, let the cheap flights be a guide! You may end up visiting somewhere you never thought you could afford. Going somewhere off-season will mean less crowds and probably cheaper prices for many things once you arrive.

If you don’t have a choice where you want to go, call the airlines directly before you book online. Sometimes rates really are cheaper. Same thing for hotels — they don’t always want to pay the middle-man so you may find yourself saving money from the online conglomerate site rates. They may also have upgrades available or cancellations not reflected online, and if you’re traveling with special requests or celebrations, you might just score on some extras.

Road trips can make for hilarious movies, but yours doesn’t need to be dramatic. Start writing your packing list now and break up your needs into stores. Knock out one or two stores at a time and put all your purchases straight into your suitcase. If you’re traveling with kids, keeping them occupied and not carsick are often the two biggest challenges. Maybe purchase a special new backpack and fill it with new small dollar store items. Car bingo, new markers and coloring books, edible treats they don’t normally get…the list of possibilities is long. Sometimes even small crafts can be completed in the car, especially if you consider car seat or seatbelt desks that offer a flat surface.

Pack a safety kit of basic first-aid items. If you’re flying, keep in mind TSA guidelines. Pain relievers, lip care and moisturize to prevent dryness, and if someone’s prone to nausea, plastic bags or anti-nausea medicine are great to add and they don’t take up a lot of space in your luggage.

Don’t forget your documentation! Passports are good to have as an additional layer of identification, but keep them in ziplock bags in your luggage in the event of rain or spills. (It only takes one nightmare travel situation to encourage this extra step of protection!)

Coolers are good to throw into your trunk if you’re traveling by car. They don’t need to be big and bulky; even a $7 convenience store styrofoam cooler can keep your beverages cold and more enjoyable when you’ve been in the car for hours. You never know when you may find a roadside stand and want to be cheese or some other fun snack. If you plan on any food prep in your hotel, this also will help you transport specialty items rather than buy it all upon arrival, potentially saving you money.

Group travel can be a fun way to still be around those you love on Thanksgiving but without anyone having to clean their house and do all the cooking. Traveling with your friends means you can look into renting a beach home or even a motorhome and save on costs while adding to memories.

Think outside of the box for last-minute travels. Cost doesn’t need to keep you at home if you’re flexible. Add extra time to your trip to allow for delays and go with the flow. Wherever you go, be thankful for the wonderful gift of travel! Book at Fox to save money on your road trip vehicle and look at our long list of locations; we’re in over 100 locations worldwide now, and our deals change frequently. Let us know if we can help you plan your Thanksgiving trip!