Making Your Car Rental Experience a Positive One

Renting a car should never be stressful, but it frequently is one of those things that can be nerve-wracking. How much will I pay? Which car should I get? Is this place close to the airport? There are more questions that you may have before you book your rental car reservation and we hope to help make it an easy experience for you!

When you begin to look for a rental car agency, consider where your trip originates. If you’re flying to your destination, you’ll want a location easily accessible at the airport. Not all car rental companies are at every airport, so you’ll want to find that out first. If you’re driving, finding an office that’s close to your home or in a location that makes it easy for you to get a ride is critical. Even if a price is great, it doesn’t help if you can’t get there.

Once you’ve researched agencies available where needed, check the prices. Various agencies run different types of deals. Fox Rent A Car often has specials based on type of car class, time of year or length of rental. If you’re in need of a one-way rental, there may be drop fees in order to cover the cost of returning the vehicle to its original location, so be sure to factor that possibility in when seeking rates. Rates can go up and down within a matter of minutes, so if you find a good deal, your best bet is to book it quickly.

Rental agencies make reservations based on when vehicles are expected to return, so keep in mind that if you may need the vehicle longer, you may want to just book it for that length of time. Otherwise, you will face fees for the extra days. Each day you keep it beyond your original rental agreement is a day that they may have promised it to someone else. (This is also the reason that agencies sometimes run out of vehicles, so patience is always appreciated if this occurs, though we do our best to avoid any frustration by getting you a car as quickly as we are able.)

Review the policies at your agency online before you head out. This will save you from any surprises and answer most of your questions before you get to the counter. All of our fees, rates, payment policies, etc., are available on our policy page, with a separate listing for each location.

You’ll also want to review the vehicle choices. Most of our locations rent from economy to luxury to SUV and van, so peruse the fleet choices. The Fox website lists passengers, typical luggage hold and other amenities to help you decide. We do our best to meet all your needs but we cannot guarantee a specific vehicle, just the class. While we want you in the convertible of your dreams and will do all we can to make that happen, we can only promise that type of vehicle, not one specific model.

If you don’t want any add-ons at time of rental, that is entirely your choice. Review the contract before you sign, and if there’s anything on there that you did not want nor understand, please ask your representative first. They will gladly answer any questions. This will save you time later or help prevent any additional fees on your total rental cost.

Keep your paperwork, identification and payment source at the ready. You will need it all when you sign for your vehicle and the representative will ask to see it.

When you are in your vehicle, feel free to take your time inspecting it. Point out any concerns to your representative and again, use that time to ask questions before you leave the lot. If you are unhappy with the vehicle for any reason, seek help. You do not have to leave with a vehicle you aren’t comfortable with. It is best to handle concerns before you are on the road and it is much faster to get you in a different vehicle while still at the rental agency. This also gives you time to stow your luggage and test out seating arrangements to ensure you all fit and still have space to move freely.

If you have problems, we are here to help. We have an online chat option, a toll-free customer care line and of course, our social media pages. Social media is not staffed 24/7 so while they will get to everyone the next business day, they are not online at nights or on weekends; they also are not able to make reservations or handle customer service directly.

We are glad you’re here at the Fox Travel Tips blog and hope this means you will be renting your car at Fox. We offer a huge selection of cheap car rentals and want to be your rental car agency of choice. Travel safe!