How to Choose the Right Rental Car for Your Trip

When faced with the decision of what class of rental car to choose for your next trip, it can be confusing. Economy? Premium? Luxury? Or SUV? 

Our corporate locations in the United States offer similar vehicles commonly seen around town, so you’re probably familiar with most of the makes and models. Our U.S. fleet is broken into several categories: Compact, Compact SUV, Economy, Full-size, Full-size SUV, Full-size Van, Intermediate, Midsize SUV, Luxury, Minivan, Premium, Premium SUV, Premium Van, Standard, Standard SUV, Convertible, Special and Special SUV. That’s a lot to choose from, right? 

So which vehicle is the best ride for your trip, be it business or pleasure? We want you to have enough space for all of your passengers, your business gear and your luggage without renting a vehicle that’s more than you need. As vehicles get bigger and more specialized, the rates can be higher so there’s no need to rent a full-size SUV, for example, if a compact size will suffice.

But how do you know? Here are some tips.

  • When renting a vehicle from Fox, you’ll notice that each location has a special “Vehicles” page. You can visit the list directly from any page of our site, or when you use our online reservation form, you’ll be taken to the vehicles available at the “Rent From” location you select. Each class of vehicle available at that location will then display in a list, through which you can scroll before making your choice. Next to the photo of each class example, you will see one of the makes and models in that class, along with icons for number of passengers, typical number of pieces of luggage that will fit, and the approximate gas mileage. For example, a Nissan Versa or Similar, in the Compact class will seat five. This means there are only five seatbelt available. You can also click on “More Information” for a pop-up list of additional amenities, such as air conditioning, stereo, etc.
  • Keep in mind — luggage pieces are also approximate based on average sizes, and the photo of the vehicle is not necessarily the one you will get, as the “or Similar” means if the Nissan Versa is not available, you will be supplied another compact vehicle for the same rate.
  • While it may be tempting to try to save space to get a more inexpensive vehicle, remember that some states will give tickets if your rear view is blocked. This means that it’s not suggested that you stack up vehicle so high in the back of a van or SUV or other similar vehicle in such a way that you can’t see through your rear window. Stacking or cramming luggage in from the beginning also means that you will have even more difficulty if you plan on purchasing items during your trip; if your luggage does not fit in the vehicle adequately when you are onsite at the Fox rental location, ask for a different car before you leave. Having extra space will come in handy later.
  • If you’re planning on going many miles, a larger class of car is suggested. While this may decrease the miles per gallon, and therefore your fuel cost may increase, you’ll want adequate space to move around, particularly if you have small children in car seats and you want to have more space between them. 
  • Another thing to consider is your comfort level. If you’re going to have a group of people but have never driven a van before, there is a bit of a learning curve to bigger vehicles. If you think you will not feel safe or comfortable driving the vehicle, consider having someone else be the driver. You may also want an additional driver anyway (inquire at time of rental about that) so you aren’t relied on to drive if you begin to get sleepy. Having a back-up driver is always a safer plan than trying to tough it out alone. 
  • Convertibles are fun vehicles to drive, and they are particularly requested in areas by the beach or on open roads, but the back seats are not always as big as other vehicles, so keep the size of your passengers in mind when choosing your vehicle. Longer legs will need more leg space, especially if those who will be sitting in the front seat are also tall. The Dodge Challengers, for example, are beautiful cars but the fit in the back seat could be tight if three adults are planning on sitting there. 
  • Business trips can be a great time to rent a fun vehicle, such as that convertible or other luxury or premium vehicle, but if it’s going to spend a lot of time in indoor parking structures, a smaller vehicle may just be easier.

Above everything else, don’t be afraid to ask our customer service representative questions. If you’re unsure about a vehicle, ask to go look at it or even sit in it. We want you to be happy when you drive off the lot, and your comfort behind the wheel matters.