How to Drive in Another Country

Traveling overseas is an adventure and you of course want to have a good time. But safety comes first, and knowing how to drive in a new country is a top priority. Fox makes renting a car internationally as smooth a process as possible, but once you’re on the road, it is a whole new world. Here are some ways you can help make it easier to drive around a new place.

  • Each country is going to have different rules for driving. Some require an international driver’s permit while others won’t. It’s best to inquire prior to setting up your rental car reservation to be sure you’re prepared ahead of time. For more information, visit this website
  • When you know you’ll be driving in another country, research their unique road signs and important words regarding traffic, weather and driving so you’re not left wondering what something means when you’re behind the wheel. Some countries have websites dedicated to advanced preparation for unfamiliar drivers from other countries. 
  • When you make your car rental reservation, be sure you know if you’re renting a manual or automatic transmission. If you’re unable to drive a stick shift, you don’t want to be caught unprepared. Also ensure you’ll have enough room for your luggage, as some foreign cars have smaller ‘boots,’ or trunks. Your standard auto phone charger may not fit either, but you can often pick these up at airports upon arrival; the same goes for the electrical outlets in the hotels, so keep it in mind for wall chargers, too.
  • Have all your travel documents handy, including your passport and existing driver’s license as well as a credit card in that same name when you arrive at your rental car location. 
  • Consider insurance. Speak with your own personal insurance before you travel, inquire with your car rental agency and read up on the laws of the country in which you'll be driving. Chances are, you'll need something extra above what you have but you don't want to be surprised when you get the bill. Visit our Policies pages (there is one for each location) for a brief summary of what is required when you book with Fox. 
  • Take it slow. Make sure you give yourself enough time for every trip. It’s harder to get used to driving on the other side of the road than you may realize. (And at the other end of the spectrum, some countries also have very different speed limits so you may have to go faster than you expect!) You may also have to use a different type of navigational aide. 

Driving in another country doesn't need to scare you, but a healthy respect for the differences will keep you safer. With just a little bit of preparation and some extra travel time, you'll be feeling like a seasoned pro in no time!