Fox Winter Warm Weather Getaway Ideas

Are you tired of the cold yet? Tired of the never-ending landscape of white and grey, driving on unsafe roads and not fully feeling your toes until you’re back in front of the fireplace?

It may be time for a winter warm weather getaway!

Here are a few suggestions of places that have the perfect weather to get the chill from your bones and recharge you for the remaining weeks of winter.

Playa del Carmen, Mexico — with temps of approximately 82 degrees right now, and beaches for miles, it’s the perfect relaxation place for someone who wants to tour Mayan ruins, experience authentic Mexican food, snorkel or just lay in a hammock. With plenty of beach resorts available, and a Fox rental location nearby, it’s a convenient last-minute trip.

The Caribbean — from St. Lucia to the Caymans to St. Kitts, there’s no shortage of options. Each location offers its own style of beach living and natural beauty, all with the bonus of being beautifully warm and breezy.

Hawaii — every list about warm weather getaways includes at least a couple of Hawaii locations. With so many Hawaiian islands to choose from, it really depends on what you most want to do. All offer outdoor activities, water fun and hiking but each has its own culture and individual opportunities. Active lava flows? Sugar plantation tours? The Haleakala crater? The only limit is how long you want to stay! We’re available on Lihue and soon, Maui, for your car rental needs.

Southern California — like Hawaii, there are so many choices that you can either plan a long trip or come up with a few lists and visit several times. Southern California offers so many fun things for families or couples to do, all within just a few hours of each other. Within 1.5 hours, you can go to the beach or the desert or downtown Los Angeles, and if you find yourself missing the snow, you’re within 1.5 hours of that, too! It really is a paradise for all vacationers. We’ve got five locations in Southern California for discount car rentals.

Wherever you choose to go, international or stateside, contact Fox for your discount car rental needs. We’ll help you save money on a quality vehicle to keep you all comfortable on your warm weather getaway, and we’re conveniently located at the airports so you’ll be on the road to your destination in no time. 

Enjoy your adventure and head back home ready to enjoy the rest of winter with a smile on your face!