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Why hassle with carrying child seat? Rent one today!

In California, state laws require children eight years of age or younger less than 80 pounds in weight to be in a child restraint device. In Arizona, children five years of age or younger must be in a child restraint device. Driver with children must refer to the current state and city law regarding child passenger safety laws.

The type of child seats and quantities available varies based on dates, reservations, location and other factors. We cannot guarantee a seat will be available at any given time due to returns, damage and loss.



Requires 72 hour advance notice.

Compatibility for hand controls varies by vehicle make/model/manufacturer. FOX Rent A Car locations provide rental services and hand controls for handicapped drivers to accommodate all customers and comply with the stipulations of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). The units are typically either affixed to the vehicle via straps and offer push-pull quick attach hand controls OR they are the type designed with a flat handle and accelerator rod that fits behind the dash panel. Reasonable advance notice is required; our usual need is 72 hours but this period may vary. This policy applies to our US corporate locations only, as accommodation, laws and compliance outside the US varies by location. Please email customerservice@foxrentacar.com or call (929)346-0099 to speak with a Customer Service Representative for questions pertaining to special equipment or requests.


Have peace of mind while traveling. Covers loss and damage to Fox vehicle.

FOX offers to all renters LDW, Loss Damage Waiver, which for an additional daily charge relieves the renter of all financial responsibility for the loss or damage to the rental car, as long as the vehicle is used in accordance with the terms of the Rental Agreement.


Most states require hands free driving. Portable device makes driving much easier and more enjoyable. Rent one today!

Ask for the Garmin Nuvi 650 Navigation Device No matter where you are, get turn-by-turn directions to where you're supposed to be. It's simple, easy and affordable!


Offsets out of pocket expenses for accidental medical expenses and limited protection against damage to personal effects.

Personal Accident Coverage provides accidental death and accidental medical expense benefit to the renter and their passenger (s). The death and medical expense benefit will both pay in addition to any other coverage that might be applicable to the renter or passengers. Personal Effects Coverage offers limited protection against damage to personal effects owned by the renter, as well as immediate family members of the renter, who permanently reside in the renters household and are traveling with the renter.


Suggested for customers needing primary state limits of liability.

Primary insurance protecting you against claims made by third party for bodily injury and/or property damage sustained while operating the rental vehicle, up to the required financial responsibility limits of the state in which the vehicle is rented. RLP does not cover all situations that may arise while operating a rental vehicle. Cost - USD/12.99 per rental day. The renter is financially responsible for all damages not covered under the liability policy including, but not limited to the FOX rental vehicles full value.


Ideal service to avoid hassle and expense beyond basic assistance. Without purchase, minimum service call is $75.00.

Benefits of Roadside Assistance include emergency road service towing (within 25 miles of occurrence), winching, jump start, flat tire change, lockout service, and emergency fuel delivery (up to two gallons). Purchase our Roadside Service Assistance and we will waive all, or a portion of, the cost of a roadside assistance service call up to the amount of USD/400.00 per incident.


Recommended for renters wanting added layer of security. Provides $1 Million dollars in excess liability protection.

Provides coverage for 3rd party automobile claims for the difference between the primary liability limits provided under the renters own personal policy and a maximum combined single limit of one million dollars for bodily injury and/or property damage but does not cover all situations that may arise while operating a rental vehicle.