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Rental Policies


A credit card in the main drivers name is required for the reservation.
A deposit payment in the amount of the estimated total reservation will be taken at time of rental.
Acceptable forms of payment for deposit - Visa, Master Card, AMEX, Diners Club credit cards.
Note: debit cards are not accepted for deposit.

All rentals are subject to the full rental agreement terms and conditions at the time of rental. A credit card imprint will be taken at the start of all rentals for security reasons, even when a voucher covers the cost of the rental. This credit card imprint may be used to pay all extra charges including extra kilometers, extra insurance, parking fines, damages or any cost due to the rented car as a result of the renters use of the car.

The following is acceptable as form of payment at the end of the agreement Visa/Visa Debit, Master Card/Master Card Debit, AMEX, Diners Club, Maestro, Visa Electron.

Upon clearing Customs in the KEF terminal, you will see the FOX representative with a sign. The Fox Rent a Car Logo will be on the sign along with your name. Please identify yourself to the representative, who will shuttle you to the location for rental. Contact local location at 354 554 6040
Third part liability is equivalent to the amount stipulated by Icelandic law at each time. This also applies to the amount of individual driver liability. Third party coverage and personal accident insurance is automatically included in your rental.

COLLISION DAMAGE WAIVER (CDW): CDW insurance is included the price, the driver liability in excess of ISK 200,000,- for 2wd and ISK 350,000,- for 4wd. If renter has already purchased CDW insurance he is able to purchase SCDW insurance and by doing so lower the self risk of CDW down to ISK. 35.000,- on 2wd and ISK. 65.000,- for 4wd. The renter is therefore always responsible for the following damages, which are not covered by CDW or SCDW insurance: e.g. negligence, driving while intoxicated, damage to tires, headlights, wind-screen and the underside of the car, damage caused by loose rocks which get thrown at the car on gravel roads, damages to the engine of the car caused by water getting into the motor. (Please see full details listed on the backside of rental agreement).

GRAVEL PROTECTION: This protection includes damage to windscreen, headlights and the car when gravel or rocks get thrown on the vehicle by another car. The gravel protection (GP) is available.

THEFT PROTECTION: TP covers theft of retal vehicle.
Renter must be 20 years of age and 23 to rent a jeep.
If your reservation was confirmed directly with FOX Rent A Car by utilizing the reservation call center at 1-800-225-4369, or through the FOX Rent A Car web page at, please use the same source to cancel your reservation. FOX does not charge a cancellation fee, but does request such cancellation notice as soon as travel plans have changed.

If your reservation was confirmed through another provider (booking site, outside source, etc.), please use the same source to cancel your reservation. Some providers (booking site, outside source, etc.) may charge for the cancellation of a reservation if not cancelled within a specific time frame.Cancellation of a reservation directly thru FOX Rent A Car when confirmed thru another provider, may not relieve your responsibility with that provider. In order to alleviate such charges (cancellation fee or penalty) check with the provider and cancel the reservation directly with the provider.
Reservations will be honored for a period of two hours after the confirmed pick up date and time. Considerations are made to this policy when flights are delayed.
The rental car will have full tank. The car should be returned with the same fuel on, or a charge will be made for the missing liters.
EMERGENCY ASSISTANCE: Call 112. Break down service 24 hours.
In Iceland it is mandatory for young children to travel in safety seats while in a vehicle. Child seats are available if pre-ordered. These child seats are generally suitable for children aged from 6 months to +4 years of age.
The minimum rental period is one day - 24 hours for rentals picked up and returned to the same location. When the drop is one hours or more after the pick up time, it is regarded as a full day.
Open 24 hours a day.
A full drivers license must have been held for at least 12 months and must be presented at the start of the renta
MULTIPLE or DUPLICATE RESERVATIONS - If you require multiple vehicles for the same or overlapping time periods, please make sure to use a different name for each reservation, otherwise the duplicate name reservation will automatically be cancelled. FOX will not be responsible for any cancelled reservations.
For customers in the Reykjavik area staying at hotels, guest-houses or other accommodation we offer free transfer to and from the rental location. For customers arriving at Keflavik airport we offer pick-up and delivery at a normal additional charge, to the International Airport as well as anywhere else within the Reykjavik area.